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Individuals For Justice Blog
Monday, 13 October 2014
I vote for the right to seek redress from our political leaders and will fight until my last breath for justice.
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: 10-7-14 Banned from City Hall Report Back
Topic: City Hall

IT WAS A GOOD DAY.   [10/7/14] [copied from e-mail]

I walked over to a building that would hold what I thought would be a “Dog and Phony” Show; I WAS VERY WRONG. The hearing started on time 0830 with the hearing officer walking in to hear my appeal concerning my banishment from the City Council meeting for 30 days and nights starting on 09/17/2014. I expected to be led down the path of convenience, instead the hearing officer, Gregory J. Frank, spent all of the time concerned with procedure, and to decide on my request to call the Mayor, Commissioners Fritz and Fish, have them put under oath to defend their actions of excluding me from the Council meetings for at least 4 meetings. There was an implied threat that if I said or even looked like a problem for them, (council) they would extend the banishment. The hearing officer agreed with our position that these three plus the security people are important witnesses and/or main characters that were involved in the drama that happened on September 10th of the year 2014. He decided that they must be called and will issue subpoenas for all 6 witnesses. There are six dates, 3 in November and 3 in December to allow the mayor and the two commissioners to arrange their schedule for one of these dates, me—I am good on all of them.

The big surprise for me was I get to take the subpoenas to the city, that my friend, is worth another 30 days in exile. So this event has now caused the city to have about 6-8 people at this hearing and the next should be very crowded. Thank you to Mary, Ben, and Michelle who got up very early to attend this gathering, we had coffee and I had my mocha.—it was a time!   Kathy Bushman wanted to be there but family business held her up and she had to wish me well and be with us in spirit. I hope you all understand what this battle is all about. Read the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights, not the part that you are used to but the last part, “……and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” That one statement is what fighting every week in city hall is about. They, (the politicians) do not have the luxury of not paying attention, they need to listen to the citizens even when they disagree or they should pay the price of “RECALL.” I expect to lose this appeal but sometimes you fight not to win but to send a strong message that you will give the bully a hard time if he/she messes with you. This is a fight between democracy, which is messy, and dictatorship which is neat and effective. I vote for the right to seek redress from our political leaders and will fight until my last breath for justice.   http://IndividualsForJustice.com           

For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

Posted by individuals4justice at 11:05 PM PDT
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Sunday, 27 July 2014
The Activist, Advocate, & Diplomat
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: We do our best work when we work together
Topic: City Hall


There are three people standing outside of City Hall, one an Activist and he/she has a loud bullhorn in their hand so better for the mayor to hear what is said outside his office window. The volume is turned way up, and all in the area can hear, "Come out, come out little piggy or we will blow you house down!" The second person standing on Fourth Avenue waiting to be invited inside is the Advocate.

The Advocate is a gentle person who will go through the required staffer to arrange a meeting, they see themselves as representing those with little influence in politics; they are good and noble people. They create organizations, nonprofits to try to balance the state of power whether it is local or national, they get along.

There is the third person who will not stand but sit in the automobile waiting for that lunch date and that is the diplomat. They will often run interference between the first two and the political figure hiding in the fortress be it the Bastille or just any city hall. One of the great problems when dealing with politicians is we do not know who we are, there are some activists who will never ask anything from a politician, they demand or will confront the person and embarrass them to no end.

Good example of effective activists was the Gay Rights organization of the 70s called "Act Up." Currently, we have a group of women who call themselves "Code Pink." Both groups will interrupt a press conference, stop a presentation by a Secretary of State, and embarrass the hell out of some politician who is saying nothing but is taking a long time saying it.

I make no bones about it; these noble people are my favorite type of organizers. I consider myself in this group; but we need all three.
Here is what Code Pink looks like working:
 link to news.antiwar.com

Once again if you read the link above about the split between two noble organizations NOW and Code Pink over a Hillary endorsement in 2007 you should begin to understand the difference between the Activist and the Advocate.
The third part of this triumvirate is the most difficult one to understand because it is created by the blurring of lines between the first two; we speak of the diplomat, the smoother, the person who comes in and spends most of their time telling the politicians what they want to hear and not, "Come out, come out little piggy... ... ." The diplomat, most times, will leave them smiling, the advocate will cause them to take Tums; the activist will just get thrown out. We need all three, and yes some of my closest friends belong to one or the other groups of fighters. We do our best work when we work together, first the hammer and chisel, then the polite request for a meeting and finally, "Let's do Lunch."

Knowing which group you belong is surly important, but working with the other two is critical to our success.
"Tour pour un, Un pour tous"

This article was originally posted here:


Posted by individuals4justice at 2:03 PM PDT
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Sunday, 6 July 2014
Letter to Amand Fritz: Fix the mens restroom door in the park
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: Stop Exposing Men In Portland Park Restroom
Topic: City Hall

Dear Commissioner Fritz,                                                                                                              7/3/2014

This is a request that your Parks Department/Bureau take care of a problem that has apparently been going on for some time. I was in Chapman Park yesterday, July 2, 2014, I had to use the restroom and found that the men’s restroom did not have a door on it. This was disturbing to me and I want this taken care of immediately. I was made aware of a message your managers sent out to Joe-Anybody sometime ago; that was outrageous. We will start a campaign concerning your department forcing men to expose themselves to the general public. We will embarrass you and your parks department until you repair/replace that door. Individuals For Justice will put up some type of screen to block the general public from being forced to see straight into the restroom where men are trying to relieve themselves. We will start our campaign in about a week giving you a reasonable time to make temporary repairs until you can make a permanent repair/replacement of the missing door. We were shocked to read your departments response; being a person of modesty I cannot for the life of me understand you allowing this to continue---alarming!      

Joe Walsh-Founding Member IFJ


 http://www.joeanybody.com/id50.html  [more facts] 

Posted by individuals4justice at 7:02 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 6 July 2014 7:06 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 13 May 2014
This is what I will say tomorrow to the City Council 5.14.14
Mood:  chatty
Now Playing: �uro;�#8220;Let�uro;�8222;�s make a buck off the backs of the Disabled.�uro;
Topic: City Hall


Copied from FaceBook

This is what I will say tomorrow to the City Council, 5/14/2014

For the record, my name is Joe Walsh and I represent, Individuals for Justice. I come before you today to speak of corruption, not the normal kind but a more sinister kind of dishonesty and that being the lack of transparency by this body. Last week, we had a very short discussion concerning an ordinance that you will vote on today called the “Revised Disabled Person Parking Code” or as we call it, “Let’s make a buck off the backs of the Disabled.” This ordinance has nothing to do with fairness, nothing to do with resolving a problem, and it has everything to do with greed. Greed is never a good thing, it makes your eyes squint, your teeth rot and your soul wander for eternity. To make money off people who are walking with difficulty, people using walkers to get around, the blind, those like me on oxygen must be the lowest one can descend; it is a shame. We come not to plead before you as we know that is a waste of our time, we come today to offer you alternatives to your limited ability to do good.

After only ten minutes during one of our meetings we came up with a number of alternatives to this money producing action.
1. From Mr. Lightning, Grandfather in all disabled permits and tighten up rules for parking on new people requesting disabled permits.
2. From another member, enforce existing laws, if a person is misusing their disabled permit, take legal action against that person.
3. Use all of the new money generated to repair sidewalks and other city repairs that directly relate to the disabled.
4. Use warnings notices for a period of one year.

There are more but my time is very limited, these are just some of the alternatives that you could have come up with, but this is about money and none of our alternatives give you more money.

We take great umbrage when we hear representatives use words like abuse, “They are abusing their right to park free,” how, where, when?
The Oregonian showed us a video of car after car with disabled permits on them. That proves what? It only proves there are cars with disabled permits parked. I can show you the street outside that has no permits in their windows, what does that show? It shows that there are cars parked without disability permits on them. In other words your proof is non-existent and only for show. I resent you demonizing people who have disabilities and remind you that the American with Disabilities Act is not a privilege and I am fully prepared to file with the Department of Justice a complaint against you for violation of the Act. Reasonable Accommodation does not mean taking rights away, it means helping the disabled to live the best they can, paying for parking downtown for the disabled is not reasonable; it was a gift to our community and should not be now stolen.



“You came with violence to remove Occupy,
You came and stole from the homeless,
Now you come for the disabled’s money,
Have you no shame, have you no shame.”


Posted by individuals4justice at 4:17 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 13 May 2014 4:31 PM PDT
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Saturday, 11 January 2014
Gutless Council
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: right of the people peaceable to assemble
Topic: City Hall

Gutless Council Jan 10 2014




One of most important founding fathers was Thomas Paine, he once said:
"To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture."

I have attended almost a years' worth of city council meetings trying to "... ... administer to the dead... ." and I just can't do it anymore. They have beaten me down so low that I gave my last performance by physically throwing a small hand held copy of the Constitution at them during a hearing. I thought I would have a stroke over it and was so weak when I left the council chambers that on the way home I decided this was the last time I would attend this charade called a council meeting or hearing. Margaret Thatcher, (AKA fritz) destroyed any hope I had for the gang of rubber stampers. Corruption breeds corruption and the city attorney is just as bad as Brutus, (AKA novick) and Nero, (AKA hales) he will say anything to justify what the politicians want to do. The rule of law does not exist; only leadership by dictum. What happened in the hearing to overturn a decision by Parks and Recreation was astounding, caused me to throw a copy of the United States Constitution at the three little piggies in the hope one would read the damn thing instead of playing make believe democracy. fritz announced her decision to deny the appeal before one person from the public spoke and when pressed by me proudly announced, yes! she would support her people and affirm the decision to ban The Hempstalk Festival. I started to point out to her how immoral this position was, we the citizens came to be heard and she was telling us her mind was made up. This was a set up and it was so obvious that one had to be naïve not to see it. fish and his buddy saltzman were missing from the meeting so we only had three shits to decide on an issue that would deprive 80,000 visitors (est. from last year) the right to assemble. That is why I made the extra trip to attend; the right to assemble was being questioned by someone whose job it was to pick up dog poop. The department of parks and recreation decided that 80,000 people would not be able to gather on the waterfront because they left a mess last year and people were smoking grass at the event. Again this was a setup and I went ballistic, I don't attend the Hempfest, but I will fight to see they have a right to gather. I told the shits, (3 council members) in all my forty years of protesting from presidents to war mongers I have never asked the state for a permit to gather because Thomas Paine and the other founding fathers gave me the ok in the first amendment to our Constitution.

"Congress shall make no law respecting, an establishment of religion, or prohibition the free exercise thereof; or the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition the Government for the redress of grievances. Can the state make reasonable rules governing how you conduct your gathering, yes, The key word here is "Reasonable." Margaret Thatcher, Brutus and Nero were not reasonable and violated not just the Federal Constitution but Oregon's own law and Constitution. Law and Order did not exist in that hearing on 1/9/2014. It was a farce from the start.

The representatives of the Hempfest requested a postponement because their lawyer only received pertinent documents 72 hours before the hearing. That did not bother one of two lawyers on the council, he mentioned it but said in this case it mattered not; because the shits had made up their minds when they walked or crawled into the meeting, these poor folks had no chance of winning this appeal. So, after tossing and turning for most of the night I have made a decision to ban myself from entering the council chambers and work to defeat every one of these critters who have the arrogance to call themself representatives. Margaret Thatcher, (AKA fritz) will not be running again, (she says) so we will rid ourselves of this cocktail liberal, fish and saltzman are up for re-election this year and I will now turn my attention to send them on their way. The people should be outraged about this, because an old government trick is to go after a group that is not the most popular and work its way down to you. Hempfest this year, religious gathering next year. We have seen this before in history, and that is why I threw the Constitution at the 3 shits in the council chambers yesterday and would do it again.

I will no longer try to give CPR to the dead; I will be outside yelling at them but never partake in their make believe drama called a council meeting.

Posted by individuals4justice at 9:16 AM PST
Updated: Saturday, 11 January 2014 9:23 AM PST
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013
Mood:  chatty
Now Playing: The Lon Vet Updates
Topic: City Hall


original post -->http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/12/426141.shtml


Another busy week, seems like we would slow down for the holidays, nope! My week started out by going to a meeting of the willing, as RH calls us, we gather to prepare for the upcoming presentation by the public to a federal judge to rethink the process of the now settled agreement between the city and Dept. of Justice. We are still discussing what and how we will try to get you and as many people to the hearing as possible, we just learned that the hearing will be at 0900 on the 18th of February so time is of the essence; more on this later. .  http://albinaministerialcoalition.org/Analysis.html
Wednesday was a long day at the city's den of treachery.

The 4+1 s---s were in the mood to do things and that they did; not good things but things that go bump in the night. I felt like Scrooge waiting for Christmas future to arrive and show me what will happen. They had split up two very important issues, and that is not an accident, it is by design. The first issue was scheduled at 0930 and many of the people who did take the time to testify about the police union contract and the future of the IPR could not stay all day, so they had to choose which of the two they would offer some public input. Being a stubborn Irishman, I tried to stay for both only to almost pass out first at the table in the Council Chambers about 3:00 PM and then near the elevators on our way out of the den. If Kathy had not helped me out I would have been in big trouble. I had spent too many hours in the den and it just got me, the place was spinning.

The issues in the morning were items 1190 &1191 which were both to ratify and agree to what the city, police and even the feds decided was fair and good for us. We said no, they said go to hell and passed them anyway. You can go to the link below and find the video of what happened. It was once again a sham.  http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/index.cfm?c=26997&

The afternoon session was comical, the main reason for us pushing to stay was item 1209. The IPR, Independent Police Review Board, wanted to question the cops on their own, they want more independence. This is a very complicated issue, much more than the council ever considered and I think the city attorneys are not too swift, they seems to recommend things that are illegal. The big problem here is when you question a cop he/she may say something that will enter into the criminal realm. I am not a big defender of the cops, but you cannot force someone to impeach themselves unless you grant them full immunity. Once you grant full immunity you cannot prosecute them later. This was "put over" again and maybe we will get a vote in January on this issue. There will have to be some changes to make this happen. Our opinion is that we should scrap the IPR and have a totally independent body investigate all complaints. This body should have its own budget, investigators, and staff; be located away from the politicians and the police management. Maybe the senior members should be elected by the people of Portland. The original three member board could be appointed by the County Board for the County of Multnomah. I trust this board and have watched them work for almost 6 months and would feel comfortable letting them decide who would be on the original 3 member board to investigate complaints against the police. We will have to see what happens next year. Thursday was once again the highlight of my week; well except for Saturday, more on that coming up.

Thursday started off with attending the County Board and explaining to them the troubles in Portland. We have a new concept in Community Policing; a cop will now get out of his car for short periods of time and talk to the people of the neighborhood. This must have started out a good idea, but you know the cops, if they can screw something good up, they will. The cops will talk to the people in the neighborhood, but then they will ask them permission to pat them down. Can you just see this in action, "Hey Joe, how you doing, can I search your person to make sure you are one of the good guys?" Sometimes I think there is something in the water at city hall, how do they come up with this stuff. Lightning gave a presentation about the homeless and his ideas on how to finance his concepts; better than most I listened to. At 1230, we were off to see the judge at the federal courthouse.

Waiting for the Judge, it was very quiet in the courtroom, not a person did move, except the "OJ Team" from City of Portland, Oregon, they were making some kind of noise, maybe there were too many, four in all. Why were there four of them, did they think that would impress the judge? We asked their leader, the (acting?) City Attorney him-self, "Why are there four of you here?" Mr. Harry Auerback looked a bit startled, but did reply, that it took all four to make sure they understood the judge's decisions, each had to handle only 25% of the judge's words, and the CA decides how many lawyers are needed. The Albina Ministers only had one lawyer, the cop's only one; the feds maybe three but I think only two. We laughed and suggested the next time maybe the city could just invest in a recorder and they could come down to one lawyer. The meeting was interesting, not so much in the details, this was just a procedural hearing, but in the way the federal judge addressed the lawyers and the public who took the time to attend this meeting. I was sitting next to my friend and brother Roberto, and in back of us were two police union reps that were there without their guns, (I hoped.) The Oregonian was there and there was an article but I think she missed most of what was happening, she was clued into the judge. The AMA was there and Dan from Cop Watch, they have been battling this accountability question for a long time and have earned our respect and gratitude. JoAnn and RH were also there and that was cool.

The big moment for me came when Judge Michael Simon asked the people who took the time to attend to "weigh in" and comment on the procedure so far. He was instructing the lawyers to acknowledge what he had decided, but did involve the rest of us and that my friend is something I have never heard a judge do--for anything. This seems to be a man of honor, a man who will do the right thing, it has been a long time since I met a federal judge I admired, and this judge could be the one. This judge could be the person to set things right, this judge could be the man who changes the police force in Portland, Oregon and that brought tears to my eyes; just like the kids who played such wonderful music during the County Board's last meeting of the year 2013.

Friday was raining and cold but we went to Chapman Park to try to find friends for gloves, hats, scarfs, sweaters, hand warmers etc. etc. We got to see Cheeto and her friend Jose, Donna was there and others, we do have a time. Kathy and I lasted about 40 minutes and headed for a hot cup of Jo---I had a mocha. This usually ends my week but there was one other thing I wanted to do and that was happening on Saturday afternoon. "Joy to the World, a flash festival of gifting." This was a great idea and I had so much fun, thank you Sam for putting this together. We went to the Saturday Market and exchanged gifts with strangers; it was in the spirit of what Christmas should be about. Think of the story of the Wise-men who showed up at the stable where lots of people believe the Son of God was born. If you believe this story, why was Jesus born in a place where animals were kept to get out of the cold and rain during winter? Well, again this report is long and we did want to say "Merry Christmas" and we hope someday we do have peace on earth. Enjoy!

May 2014 be a year of love, sharing and understanding "The Other."



Posted by individuals4justice at 10:47 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 24 December 2013 10:56 AM PST
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Sunday, 24 November 2013
Report from Individuals For Justice
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: The Lone Vet Gives teh weekly Report Back for 11.24.13
Topic: City Hall



Weekly report of our actions and activities of Individuals For Justice during the week Nov. 17-23.

Once again let me work backwards and report on what we did starting with our weekly protest on the Hawthorne Bridge. Roberto arrived at my home and announced that it was windy and cold. We went anyway and he was very correct, our signs were blowing all over the place, even the ones on a rope were blowing straight up in a horizontal position so that none could read them. We had a special sign telling all that we supported our teachers; we wanted to add to the bigger protest that was taking place on the Burnside Bridge.
 https://www.facebook.com/events/557074037713522/  [facebook]

I always laugh when it rains or is cold, "We will get the sympathy vote." We lasted about an hour and Charlie Johnson joined us in the wind storm, it was funny. Many people looked at us as if we were crazy people and sometimes I think we are a little nuts to try to change this society to be a little more human, but what the hell, we do have fun from time to time. Thursday is always a good part of my week. I get to attend the County Board and spend some time with Lightning and others who come to join us as we monitor the five women who lead Multnomah County. This Thursday Lightning spoke on police overtime, homelessness, and corruption and I spoke about Mr. Dixon's replacement. I urged the board to look within the county and not do what Mayor Hales announced he would do and that is a very expensive exercise in looking for a candidate nationwide. We have not done well with this concept and we have spent way too much money doing these types of things. So we shall see.
 link to www.oregonlive.com  [corporate media]

We did send an e-mail to the city urging them to consider replacing top level officials with people here in Portland. Wednesday was funny.

Wednesday is my day of sorrow, my penance for all my past sins demands I attend the City Council Meetings and listen to the 4 s---s +1 tell us how wonderful they are, and how they will do wonderful things for the homeless/houseless. November 21, 2013 was a better meeting than most; I left after Communications because I wanted to support Michael Meo who was on trial in the County Courthouse a block away. I got to the courthouse about 1030 after going through security went to room 544 and was stunned to see no one else there for support, I hate it when we ask people to stand tall and then let them stand alone. I stayed until we broke for lunch and did not try to go back for the afternoon session, due to being tired. I listen to my body and when it says enough, I obey. I thought the case would be carried over until the following day, I was wrong. Michael Meo reported he was found guilty of disobeying a lawful order from a park ranger and fined $260, he paid the fine. I am sad that another person suffered at the hands of our would-be-judicial system. I am also sad that the people who called for the demonstration did not show up at his trial, or any Green Party members, or his friends. What the hell is the matter with us that we don't support those who get arrested? Tuesday was better for me.

Tuesday night we attended a meeting of a group that is now called J4KO, Justice for Keaton Otis, and that was wonderful. Not sure how much info I am comfortable putting out, so let me say it was a good and noble gathering of people who will keep the vigil going and prepare for the upcoming testimony during the public testimony in front of the judge who is supervising the final settlement between the city and DOJ. There is much work to be done and all present pledge to do what we can to finally get some level of accountability from the Portland Police Force. There was one other event Roberto and I attended and that again was a delight. The event was called, "Racism and Settler-Colonialism at Home and Abroad" put on by *PSU students, KBOO, and SUPER.

The reasons I enjoyed this gathering was because there were about 150 people present, mostly students but lots of older people. The students were way ahead of us when we were in our 20s and 30s, they had a better understanding of how the power structure works here in the good old US of A. The other reason I thought this was a productive meeting was the diversity of ideas that were allowed to flow. I know we were on a University campus but even given that, it was refreshing. I was also glad to hear so many students who are aware and will try to do better than we did. I left the gathering tired but smiling. We, as people who are activists, must work to ensure these and other students are not burdened with debt that they cannot risk continuing their quest for justice.

Speaking of justice, there is a guy who has decided to live on the streets for one year. He is a minister; he is a good and noble person, my friend. He is Jose Serrica, and his videos are under Joefreedom and you can watch his latest video or livestream called "Update from Camp." If you want to know how things are going on the streets, we will try to bring you leaders from the streets and their stories. Individuals For Justice supports this noble man and ask all who we know to do the same.

 http://www.ustream.tv/channel  [Ustream]


To help donate here:
 https://www.wepay.com/donations/132866940  [Donate: We Pay]
I am sure I forgot something of importance, forgive me if I did, I am getting old---ha!

* A conversation towards building global solidarity featuring speakers from SUPER, Las Mujeres, United Indian Students in Higher Education (UISHE), and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). We are honored to have Dr. Cornel Pewewardy, Director of the Indigenous Nations Studies Program (formerly Native American Studies), guiding the planning of the panel.

  http://http;//IndividualsForJustice.com   [Our home page]

Posted by individuals4justice at 11:11 AM PST
Updated: Sunday, 24 November 2013 11:20 AM PST
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Saturday, 16 November 2013
Mood:  crushed out
Now Playing: Speaking at Portland City Council and the Mult. County Board
Topic: City Hall

Is it possible to cry and laugh at the same time?







Written by: The Lone Vet & copied from Portland Indymedia

[This picture is from a previous meeting in 2013] 

When I am speaking to the Portland City Council I am in crisis mode and as I smile at them tears are flooding my body. These local politicians are the worst of the worst; they operate in a parallel universe. Wednesday, I went to take my regular seat and was greeted by Jim who was sitting there and that made me smile. I like Jim, we disagree on some things but he is a man who worries about our future and the future of our kids, I love that. I sat down feeling good, happy and there was nothing on the agenda that perked much interest, it looked boring; I was very wrong. Commissioner Fish started the action after my passionate plea about how they were going to use money to help the homeless. After my 3 minutes he used my name and speaking in a very condescending voice about their intention of spending 1.7 million dollars and not one cent of that for the people who are on our streets. They are going to once again waste money by giving it to the same people who have failed us for so long. My "Irish" hit an all-time high level of anger and I shouted out, that is a lie! Mayor Char-lie ordered me to be quiet then ordered me to get out, I said no! The fish man used my name from his perch and that is a violation of protocol and I called the would-be representative out. Security came to get me but the mayor in his anger made a mistake by giving me a choice, get out or shut up. I said I would be silent, and that caused some confusion, I was not going to make it easy on them, they are defective human beings and I just cannot stand the hypocrisy of it all. If the people of Portland reelect Nick Fish and Dan Saltzman they will get more and more mediocre responses to their requests. We must say goodbye to these "Abbott and Costello" wannabes, it is just too much. Thursday is always a better day.


I like Thursdays because I go to the County Board and the people there may be problematic but I always have the feeling they care, all five of them. This visit was going to be hard for me because I was hurt during last Thursday's, (11/07/2013) meeting and I wanted to take them on but did not want to alienate them; it was hard but Patty said I did not come across hostile, just hurt. What happened was last Thursday the board wanted to celebrate Veterans Day and the way they decide to do it caused me a lot of pain and I needed to tell them why. They had ROTC from PSU march in with the American flag and the flag from Oregon in formation. They were in uniform and marched in military style, all stood and then proceeded to the front of the auditorium and did another military maneuver. They stood at attention while the national anthem was played. Everyone in the room stood and had their hand over their hearts except me. Since I was sitting alone it was very hard to not get up, but I was not going to celebrate Veterans Day, once known as Armistice Day, by an exercise in super patriotic nonsense. Veterans Day by law is a day to honor the peace after World War 1 with the hope never to go to war again, not saluting flags, not playing the Star Spangled Banner, not telling lies about soldiers defending our freedoms, not getting big savings on mattresses, or cars; we celebrate the end of war and those who gave so much to end it. Europe still rings the bells and at the 11th month, 11th day, 11th hour there is silence for two minutes to celebrate ending a war. As much as I like the 5 ladies, if I were to stand, I would have to live with the fact that I sold out for acceptance, and my legs would not let me do that, not at my age. So I told them about Armistice Day 1918 and the great celebration around the world. I also asked if they would join me in my task to get the churches to ring their bells next year throughout the city in celebration of peace and no more wars. That would be a good thing.


The rest of today's meeting, 11/14/2013, was good. There were many wonderful people trying to help the human condition. We do have much to applaud but more to do in our efforts to end the shameful and hurtful reality of having families and others living in the rain and cold on the Portland Streets. As long as there is "No room at the Inn" for one human being, we are all guilty of neglect and will have to answer for it someday. If there is a God, Commissioner Fish, I do not want to try to explain that New York had more people on their streets than Portland. You can do that sir, and let us all know what hell is like. Friday we will be back on the streets near the Hawthorne Bridge to raise our voice against drones, Gitmo, torture, ODOT, homelessness/houselessness, NSA spying, police accountability. Bring a sign and meet us at SW 1st and Madison, about 4:00PM. We be the two old guys looking lonely but steady.

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Thursday, 31 October 2013
Can Good People Be Hypocrites?
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Can Good People Be Hypocrites?



By: The Lone Vet
I was walking around trying to figure out where everyone was, when from across 4th Avenue I saw the man, the chief of police, the one and only Mike Reese. The thought came easily, just follow the chief and he will lead you to the gathering of people who wanted to spend 1.7 million bucks on helping the people who had camped outside city hall for about two years. I followed him but he said he was late and left me at the elevators, sometimes I get the feeling he does not like me very much. After checking with the mayor’s office I found myself in the council chambers and there in real life was Commissioner Dan Saltzman with about 15-20 suits sitting around the table in a square. I tried not to laugh.

As I was putting down my stuff, coat, cane, and oxygen carrying backpack, I looked around and the homeless were in the peanut-gallery and the suits took up all the seats at the table. I was not amused; I thought they were actually going to do something this time around. We spend 10s of millions of dollars on the homeless and we have more people on the streets than when we started; why is that mr. mayor?

I yelled out to Commissioner Saltzman, “Why are there no homeless at this table?” They ignored me, so I yelled as loud as my lungs would allow, “Where are the people that know about being homeless?” The comish in a very stern voice said, “I am running this meeting.” My reply was that I did not want to run it because it was a fraud. We have done this crap hundreds of times and keep wanting the outcome to be different, it never will. The people around the table actually think that they know about homelessness, they don’t. The only people at the table who might know something about being cold and alone would be Marc Jolin from Join or Israel Bayer from Street Roots, but I was sad seeing them in this group of, “Let’s play house.” I did not interrupt any more, but they did know I was pissed for whatever that was worth. The meeting lasted about 90 minutes and all departed in good cheer to feel like they are trying to do something about the poor people who are on the streets. Why, even Chief Reese made the statement that seeing a child on the streets, hungry and cold is heart breaking.” First Chief, you got to have a heart in order for it to break, you and the dick Cheney do not qualify. As they left not one stopped to talk to any of the people who were homeless outside of City Hall, not one! They scurried away not to be contaminated by this thing called homeless. I don’t like these creeps, guess you get that feeling by now. Two people I cannot stand, one, a thief, (who steals from the poor) and the other a hypocrite; both were here this evening. They will waste this 1.7 million because that is what they do, one member of this panel is Nick Christensen. You say you don’t know Nicky? He represents the now famous Lents Neighborhood Asses who had Oregon Department of Transportation, (ODOT) deliver large sharp-edged boulders to a place where people were resting; they wanted the homeless to move on, the homeless did; Fancy That. We should get his ass off this committee and replace him with Jose. We have Chief Reese on this committee, let’s get him off and replace him with Lightning. Deborah Kafoury is now a candidate and should not be on this committee, we like her and would not lose any sleep if she stayed, but we need replacement slots. She could be replaced by Tequila or Joel, or any of the other two to five thousand people we find on our streets. Point is you must have people who can tell you what it is like when you are cold, and it is raining and a cop tells you to get your stuff and move now! This panel is a sham and our tax money will once again be wasted. Bye-bye!

On Wednesday we were back in the City Council Meeting and my t-shirt said “Danny Wants To Be In Charge” on the back, “Screw Up Coming.” Not sure if Saltzman read it, he is not talking to me. Dan Handelman from Cop Watch was there and we both signed up to offer our advice to the 5 shi-s about reappointing 10 members to the Independent Police/review/cover up Board. I was not sure what Dan would say, but for me they should not just rubber stamp these appointments and to do 10 at once, may be part of the reason the Dept. of Justice thinks that our police depart is so screwed up. Well, Dan was logical, I was pissed and we both once again got shot down. Comm. Novick seemed particularly annoyed with me this day and did go after me. He suggested in his smug way that I compile a list of all the people from Cop Watch, ACLU, Lawyers Guild, or any other organization that has been rejected. I answered him by saying, “What are you talking about, my advice/suggestion is for you to get off your ass and recruit new blood for these committees.” I really am getting to not trust this opportunist.

Thursday morning for me is always a fun day, I go and monitor the County Meeting and get to see people I know, usually sneak in a mocha, (don’t tell Patty) and enjoy the morning. The Sheriff was there with a request to get more money for overtime; it was a sham, but what the hell, the damn budget is so complicated no one in the room could understand the big picture. I did offer my 3 minutes of wisdom and restricted it to Fred and his son Keaton and a limited report about what happened at the gathering of hypocrites. (See above.) There was going to be some discussion about the coming cold and the homeless, I could not stay for that as I was not feeling 100%. Tomorrow we will return to the Hawthorne Bridge and hold our weekly protest about wars and peace, hot local issues, and this week the NSA looking at you baby. The Obama administration has been such a disappointment we may have gone backwards instead of moving forward. I pray that I am wrong, but almost can hear the answer.

Keep fighting, it is better to fight and fail than to watch and wonder what the hell happened.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013
Week of 22ND of SEPTEMBER
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[Originally posted on Facebook by Joe Walsh] 10.1.13

This week, Individuals For Justice were out and about. We were at the City Council meeting on the 25th and fought alongside of Cop Watch, Charlie Johnson from KBOO and the ACLU over a report concerning the actions of the police. The report, like everything else that is directed or influenced by the police, was a sham. They found that over 80% of people being subjected to exclusion orders are African- Americans. They don’t see a problem with this number and defended the police for outstanding work. (African-Americans make up about 6-7% of our population)
We pointed out that hotspots are violations in themselves because if you go into an area that has been labeled a “Hotspot” you are going to treat people very different than say in front of the Justice Center. It would seem once again the council had reservations about this report but voted to accept it. We were not happy when we left the council. The next morning it was off to see our friends at the County. The County Board is working well with no Cogen. We did not offer any testimony because we had nothing to say. The Hotel that metro wants is a done deal and we hope it fulfills all the hype offered by the President of Metro; we hope but have grave doubts. We called for all who we know to help out Jose Serrica who has requested we support his effort to assist those who are on the streets with things they may need. He has been doing this for a while now and knows what he is doing. He asked for a $100.00 a month and Individuals For Justice will cover half and asked the people we know to help. That is what we do, we fight, we yell, we compliment, we assists others in their quest to do good. We also write some!
I forgot to tell you about a wonderful presentation by Mr. Thomas Linzey. He talked about thinking outside, under, alongside the box; never inside. He told us about communities that would not give up even when they were beaten by the corporations. They said, hell no! Read his book called, “Be The Change.” I will! David Delk, Alliance for Democracy, gets the credit for this one, it was great. Thank you Thomas and David, you make me smile.
Went back to the Hawthorne Bridge with the winds and rains, I was hoping for the sympathy vote, standing in the rain always gets you some horns blasting, it was fun but very windy. I just held my sign thanking people for calling, emailing or talking about not bombing Syria---it worked, we have not bombed those poor people who are suffering and don’t need us to bomb them in order to save them. We hope the UN succeeds in its effort to stop the violence.
We went to a press conference on the 14 floor of the Justice Center. Sarah Hobbs asked for our support and Malcolm, Charlie Johnson and I showed up and had a ball. The press conference had to do with an analysis of completed suicides. The period of study was April 2011-June 2013. We asked questions and met with the unit called Behavioral Health Unit, there was a VA rep. and other people who work in the health field who are all concerned about our standing in the nation; we are among the highest cities to have suicides every four days. There are other issues we would have loved to have examined but we were cut off. We did get to talk to some of the professionals and asked them to come and talk to our groups, they seemed ready to do something like that; we shall see.
Yea, a busy week and we have another one this week but what the hell, we do laugh a lot and we get to do all this stuff for free---ha!
Most of you know that I am not a republican or democrat; I belong to the Oregon Progressive Party. I mention this so you know I do not like ether of these “Two gang of thieves”. But I gotta tell ya, the leadership of the GOP has all gone mad. They will shut down this government in order to hurt this president, which is outrageous and should be rejected by every voter. I know it will not happen, the rejection part, but I just got to say it. Take care and stay safe, we all have much work to do. We must learn to support all those people who are doing good for others and get rid of those who enrich themselves. “Storm The Bastille, with votes and calls.”

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