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Individuals For Justice Blog
Sunday, 31 July 2011
Two Down One To Go
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Topic: JTTF

Individuals For Justice


By Joe Walsh 7/30/1


Two Down One To Go

We will continue our vigil

Roberto and I were on our way to the Friday protest, against wars and occupations, on the Hawthorne Bridge when the radio announced that Mayor Sam Adams has decided not to run for reelection. That make two down and one to go.

Individuals for Justice has kept and will continue to keep a vigil at City Hall on Wednesdays to point out why we want all three people defeated in 2012 for reelection. Randy says, "I want to spend more time with my family." Sam says he needs to spend more time trying to get some work done and running for reelection would be too hard. Amanda has not said anything about anything. We will continue our protest. The new candidates, and there will be many, should answer the questions about at least three things:

1. Will you work to rescind Portland rejoining JTTF, the Joint Terrorist Task Force?

2. Will you work to rescind the Sit-Lie ordinance?

3. Will you call for the city to fight to get a waiver concerning the covering of the reservoirs?

These three are deal breakers for Individuals For Justice, if a candidate does not answer these three questions with a resounding yes, no support here.
Come join us on Wednesdays, we are in front of City Hall calling for the defeat of all three who are scheduled to run for reelection in 2012--two down one to go, we now oppose only Amanda Fritz. We have asked both Mary Noland and Steve Novick to state their positions on the above issues, but no reply as yet. We are not happy with that and will continue pushing for some answers to these and other questions. We want people in the council to work for the most vulnerable among us, no BS, they must stand for the weak against the strong. Saying you support the houseless is not enough, you must always cast your vote to help and not screw over the people who need you the most in our city. The police must know that there are people in city hall who will come down on them if they violate civil rights or shoot people in the back. The business community must know that there are people in city hall who will help them do business but not at the expense of the poor, houseless, and those who are struggling. We don't have that at the moment but we have a chance at electing the majority on the city council. Will we succeed or just stand by and hope?

An infant can't drive a car as well as a 7 year old, but that doesn't mean the 7 year old SHOULD be driving...
From Willamette Week comments, (Seymour)



homepage: homepage: http://individualsforjustice.com/

Posted by individuals4justice at 12:27 AM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 31 July 2011 12:56 AM PDT
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