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Friday, 12 August 2011
We Must Support This Event In Every Way
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Topic: ACTIONS !



October 6th in Washington DC will be a time for all activists to stand up and say ENOUGH! David Swanson, Veterans For Peace, Code Pink, Ray McGovern, Chris Hedges, Ann Wright, and so many other heroes will take a stand for Justice and Peace by gathering in Freedom Square and not leaving until our government agrees to their demands--it will be a time!

We who cannot go must support them in every way possible, one way that will be important is getting the word out about this event. We must pressure all TV and radio stations in Portland who say they are Progressive to do a show or, at the very least, a portion of their show on this event and have representatives appear on their shows.

How many of you would be willing to throw a picket line around a TV show or radio show that refuses to get the word out about this event? We must start this now as Oct 6 is approaching at an alarming rate. We need people to contact KBOO, KPOJ, TV stations 2,6,8 and our local newspapers to first request their participation and then picket them if necessary. For more info on the event in DC go to:


Here is a good video by two wonderful people Joe-Anybody and Malcolm from Veterans For Peace talking about October 6---enjoy



What do you think?

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

After posting on Indi Media about the Oct 6 Event, the question of nonviolence came up and this was my response:

Individuals For Justice will request all who take part in any protest here in Portland, Oregon to practice nonviolence because the main event in DC is calling for nonviolence and it is a tactic that works. I am not a pacifist but do practice nonviolence and will this time because to do otherwise would make a mockery of what we say we are supporting. There will be no permits, no peace monitors, no preaching of how to behave. That is the best I can do given what we will try to accomplish. We will mimic what they do in Washington, DC in the sense by going to Pioneer Square holding a gathering with music and no speeches. We will sit down and stay as long as we can. We will be told that we must leave the square and that is the point that you have to decide at what level of protest you will engage in. Some will leave and act as support from that moment on, others will stay and know that they may be arrested. Those who are arrested when released will decide if they will return to a meeting place and sit again. Some of us will stay as long as the people in DC stay, and will need others to bring water and food. All of these are things that I see as being in support of the main event in DC, they are subject to voting by the group. Each group will determine what they want to do and contribute, you must be comfortable in your decision because you are risking a great deal. Those are my thoughts and are subject to change as each group decides what they will do. My vision is that there should be many levels of commitment and each will play a very important role. The thing you should think about is going to DC---but if you cannot, what are you willing to do to support it? I am on the Hawthorne Bridge every Friday from about 4:00 PM till about 5:30 PM protesting the wars, and in front of City Hall every Wednesday at 0900 to call for the replacement of all three people up for reelection in 2012. Come and talk, you don’t want to miss this action, it may be the beginning of our standing up as a people and saying, ENOUGH!!! I hate going to meetings and will talk to anyone who is interested in supporting what will happen in our capital.

As far as the radio and TV stations we should put pressure on them now. First notification and requesting info on what they will do to cover the event and then you will decide how to react, there are no rules for the confrontation with the MSM. KBOO and KPOJ I would suspect they would be friendly but the others may take a bit of convincing.



Posted by individuals4justice at 6:46 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 14 August 2011 9:31 AM PDT
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