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Wednesday, 31 October 2012
A letter to Mayor Sam Adams from The Lone Vet
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: Remove the Unconstitutional Signs at City Hall
Topic: City Hall

[original copy was posted here]


Dear Mayor Adams:

I am sending you this complaint because you are still the Police Commissioner. There are a number of signs around city hall that, in my opinion and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, are violations of the Federal Constitution, and we here in Oregon also rely on our beloved Oregon Constitution. I am requesting you order these signs removed. Please have one of your staff read the following cases and you should agree that you cannot pass a city ordinance to replace the above mentioned constitutions.


Start with Section 1----Natural Rights------"
8----Freedom of speech and press-
9----Unreasonable searches and seizures.

Officer Stuart Palmiter, #27244 has been on a rampage for the last few months stealing/confiscating items belonging to protesters outside City Hall, knowing that he has no legal right to act in this oppressive manner; he does it because he believes as stated to me on one occasion that "They" won't do anything to me. I will be there, (city hall) for the Thursday meeting concerning the agreement between you and DOJ. I wish that you let me know if any changes are in the works or I will take it as just another one of your reactions that says, "Screw Off."

The 9th Circuit decision that came down just recently reaffirms that you cannot continue doing what you and your police are doing:

 link to www.latimes.com

From a good friend of mine who is a lawyer:

Gathright v. City of Portland, 315 FSupp2d 1099 (2003), 74 FedAppx 810 (9th Cir
2003), and second appeal, 439 F3d 573 (9th Cir 2006), cert denied, 549 US 815, 127 SCt
76 (2006). Preacher sued City, whose police officers removed him from public property
upon complaints by sponsors of private events on City property (such as Pioneer
Courthouse Square and Tom McCall Waterfront Park). Ninth Circuit upheld lower court
decision that private events sponsors on City property cannot exclude persons based on
their speech or views. The Court later upheld permanent injunction issued by Judge
Ancer Haggerty, U.S. District Court, which ordered City to delete section of City Code
purporting to grant private permit holders the right to exclude persons from public property.
The City cannot "enable[] private citizens to exclude people from events in public forums
solely on the basis of the content of their speech."
Rohman v. City of Portland, 909 FSupp 767, 772 (1995). Judge Ancer Haggerty held
that Pioneer Courthouse Square of Portland, Inc., the operator Portland's Pioneer Square,
could not restrict preacher to "Free Speech Area" or exclude him from Pioneer Square
because the "venerable tradition of the park as public forum * * * [has] a very practical
side to it as well: parks provide a free forum for those who cannot afford newspaper
advertisements, television infomercials, or billboards."


Seems Appropriate

Seems Appropriate


Posted by individuals4justice at 12:14 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 30 October 2012
7 Days - Elections Are Almost Here
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: There is much to do - Elections Are Almost Here
Topic: Politics

7 Days

There is much to do

City Hall Protest
City Hall Protest

Elections Are Almost Here

{original post here: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/10/419397.shtml }
Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We are now into the time where one can predict some races and our local mayor's race seems to be out of reach of Jefferson Smith and Nolan may want to start looking for a job. Looks like 80 will be defeated but the corporations will have to kick in some more money to the state of Oregon.

I am a little sad that it looks like Jefferson Smith will not be in City Hall, he would be much more in tune to the needs of everyday people than Hales. I think we will have our hands full trying to get Charlie to listen to us and reform the Portland Police Department. I did not vote for either of them, I wrote in Scott Fernandez and was proud of that vote. My hope is that Charlie will be a pleasant surprise, kind of like Sen. Merkley. I did not vote for Merkley in the democratic primary but will vote for him next time around. Sen. Merkley is much better than the "wyden." The polls are showing that Commissioner Fritz will be returned for another 4 years of service. I will not be happy about this but did not vote for Mary Nolan who I think would be worse. My hope is that Amanda will begin to understand that if she just votes with the boys she will, sooner or later, be on the outside of city hall. She and Novick have a chance to work together and do some good stuff, I don't have much confidence in that, but it could happen if you who disagreed with me about Fritz will stay on her case and get her to understand she represents our interests and not her own. We shall see.

All in all not much will change unless people begin to understand that elections are not the end of the journey but the beginning and we must keep the pressure on. I have always criticized protests that go to city hall for one vote and move on; we must do better. After a tough election, like the one Amanda has/is going through, this is the time to meet with her and let her know that some of her votes on the council were wrong and you will not be there next time around to pull her out of the mess she created. Celebrate your victory but get back to work soon. There is a place for people who stood with Amanda, I am just not one of them. So, her successes or failures will be on those who say they are progressives but saw in her something that I did not. I have been pulling back on my activism for the last month or so and will continue to save my energy for those things that really piss me off, like JTTF, fluoridation of our water, secret meetings with lobbyists, etc etc. I will no longer attend protests that ask permission to exercise 1st Amendment Rights or are scheduled on the weekends. If there is direct confrontation I will be there if I can, I hate parades. Well, see you in the streets, not because I like it, because in a republic you must keep the pressure on politicians. As one of my heroes would say, "enjoy your Protest."

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

Posted by individuals4justice at 12:19 PM PDT
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Friday, 19 October 2012
No Questions Allowed
Mood:  chatty
Now Playing: Local Debate - A Report Back from The Lone Vet
Topic: City Hall

No Questions Allowed


               .... But I wanted to ask a question!

October 17, 2012

I was very excited because the debate, or as it was advertised, Forum on Housing was going to take place at Portland Community College which is on 82nd Street and Division. This was going to be great, as I live within walking distance from the gathering.

I no longer do two events in one day because of my health, but I was going to make an exception here due to the topic; Housing. I have lots of problems with the way we spend our money on housing here in the Rose City; bottom line we have anywhere from 1700 to 2500 people who sleep on our streets and are constantly harassed by the cops. A friend, street name 99, was recording the event on live stream and I hope you get to see some of the bullshit that took 2 hours of our time.

First, the format was terrible, no questions were allowed from the audience, the moderator was Wendy Wills, director of something called *Policy Consensus Initiative At The National Policy Consensus Center. I did not know who or why this person was selected but another should have moderated the show, the questions were so soft I wanted to use them on my butt because the metal chairs were very difficult for me. I needed a cushion to lessen this pain in the ass. I had to wander around a few times and visit the restroom just to remain for the two hours of bullshit. Each contestant/candidate was asked questions in order and given a few minutes to tell us how wonderful they were/are; no questions from the other candidates were tolerated and none of the four even tried to get one in. It was boring.

I don't know if the press covered this non-event but did not see any of the big cameras usually associated with the corporate press. Did I tell you how boring this was, yet all except Jessie Sponberg and I applauded at the end, they all seemed to think this was something that they could talk about going home--yuk! Charles Hales came up to me and said hello, I asked him why they did not take any questions from the floor and he said something like, "I just came and had nothing to do with the format." Commissioner Fritz came over and said hello, we talked a little about an issue that came up at the council meeting a few hours before that and she had some concerns about it also. Commissioner Fish was there but he and I don't like each other and he had the good sense to stay away. Jefferson laughed about my bright green shirt that said, "Don't Lie to the Irish." I thought that was a good shirt to wear to a political debate; oh, wait---it was just a forum.

The college people who were there were very welcoming as I remember from a previous event a few years ago. We were allowed to ask questions of the participants then, but not this day.

In my opinion Jefferson and Amanda were good, gave some interesting answers and Charlie and Mary were boring and gave pat answers to questions that were way too soft. Not one question about Charlie Hales quitting in mid-term and now he wants people to vote for him to a higher office. No questions about why we continue to have so many people left out of the decisions made by our representatives. No questions about the very annoying habit of our local politicians making announcements of their position on an ordinance before the first citizen offers testimony. That would have been a question that I would have asked. But we were told to sit, be nice and shut up. Mary Nolan is one of the most condescending politicians I have ever met, she uses "I" way too often. My predictions:

Amanda will stay in office and our next mayor will be Hales. The organizations that support this format should hang their heads in shame, it was a complete waste of time.


PS I did get to see Barbara Ellis and Scott Fernandez and that would have been worth attending this-------

homepage: homepage: http://IndivisionsForJustice.com

 Original Post Location: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/10/419220.shtml


Posted by individuals4justice at 12:07 PM PDT
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Monday, 17 September 2012
(out of retirement)
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: A sign for Voters to Stop The Fluoride Poisioning and the police

Joseph Walsh  my first day at gathering signatures 9/17/12

{This was copied from Joe Walsh FaceBook Page}
My first day in front of City Hall was filled with drama, and I love drama. I arrived about 0900 and started to put up my sign. The announcement sign was made up of PVC piping that would hold two signs, and people could read it from both sides. When I started to put the frame together I heard and saw a police car come next to me. It was no other than officer *stuart palmiter #27244; I said under my breath, “Oh boy, this is going to be one of those days.” You see this police officer gave me a hard time not very long ago and today he was walking around giving our beloved protesters, who have been in front of the City Hall for at least the last nine months a hard time. The first thing he said to me is that you cannot build anything in front of City Hall. I said I am going to put a sign here and it is about getting people to sign a petition to put the fluoride question to all Portland voters, not leave it in the hands of the 5 shi-s who call themselves our representatives. The officer’s reply was, something like, “Well this is not going to happen here.” I said, oh yes it is.”

The officer left and went into the City Hall as I continued putting together my sign holder. After a bit, officer palmiter returned and said, “We are going to let you have your sign but you must not leave it.” My response was that I was exercising my legal right to collect signatures and he was interfering with that right. He said a strange thing, something like, “I can talk to you if I want, I also have freedom of speech.” I continued having fun with him now, I pointed out, “If you are not on the job, then you should be moving your car, it’s in a place right next to a sign that says, “Government automobiles forbidden.” He continued to say something but I did not pay too much attention, he departed, but I just knew we were not finished. About two hours later I had to use the restroom, just before I went inside I heard office palmiter yell at me not to leave my sign unattended or he would arrest it. I yelled back that because I am on oxygen, walk with a cane and considered disabled he had to make “Reasonable Accommodations.” I went inside to the warm welcome of the uniformed security and asked if I could use the restroom. Coming out of City Hall I noticed my sign was gone, stolen, taken into custody. I was not happy. 99 was there and he told me what happened.

After I went inside the cop and a City Attorney representative got together and decided I had abandoned my sign, so they could steal it, I was pissed. I went back into City Hall to the City Attorney’s office, was very polite to the receptionist, but very firm with the CA Rep. “I want my sign back.”

The rep looked at me and said I had abandoned the sign and the police locked it up for safe keeping and the officer would come back and give me a receipt. Now I was even more pissed, “I want my fuc-ing sign back and I want it replaced where you stole it!! I told the city attorney that if it wasn’t replaced in one hour I would go home and return tomorrow to file a small claims action against officer palmiter and the City Attorney for stealing my sign. About an hour or so later I got my sign back. There was more to this adventure but I am getting bored writing about it. Bottom line, stand up for your rights, if we don’t use them we will surely lose them. There were some funny parts but I did not take this lightly and will do some formal things that says, “Don’t do this anymore..” I will return tomorrow and expect more adventures, we are having a time!
* Will not cap due to being pissed or just plain disrespect!

For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Cell Phone UStream-er "VIGILTV" recorded this:
Watch the video here:

Posted by individuals4justice at 9:29 PM PDT
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Saturday, 1 September 2012
I am going into total retirement ...by Joe Walsh
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: I am finally worn out and will no longer try to make this system better.
Topic: ACTIONS !

[Joe Walsh]  I am going into total retirement;

I am finally worn out and will no longer try to make this system better. After learning that the DOJ will not hold anyone accountable for the torture, including murder, I want this system to fail and cannot support it anymore.

I am going into total retirement; I am finally worn out and will no longer try to make this system better.

After learning that the DOJ will not hold anyone accountable for the torture, including murder,

I want this system to fail and cannot support it anymore.
I have fought against injustice since 1980 over 32 years of protests, sit-ins and fighting with politicians from every walk of corruption.

I want to spend the time I have left with Patty, walking near the river, going to the sea for a dinner.

For me the fight is over, this Friday, August 31, will be my last protest.  Joe Walsh-Lone Vet




{email from Joe Walsh}




Posted by individuals4justice at 2:12 PM PDT
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Sunday, 5 August 2012
The Lone Vet on the Two Party Sysytem
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: republicans & democrates
Topic: Justice
I never have voted for a republican, I believe unless you are a millionaire you should never vote for the “Goppie.”  I spent forty years of my life voting, working for the democrats.  I like to kid my friends by saying some people take longer to learn.  I was so angry at my democratic house member that I ran against him in the primary.  I know what Nader and others have said about the two parties being two faces of evil.  Obama brags about his accomplishments but also kills at will.  He has the final say when sending in a drone to kill his enemies that he and only he decides should die; and cocktail liberals will vote for him.

I left the democratic party back in 2008 just after the primary because I could not look in the mirror anymore.  I want this country to be a beacon of good and not a war loving group of jerks.  Secretary of Defense, (or as one of my close friends calls WAR) Leon Panetta has turned out to be as bad as that Rummy Guy under Cheney/Bush.  Secretary Clinton’s legacy is enshrined by her actions or lack of action when a hero of mine stood up during one of her lying speeches and turned his back to her, letting her know what she was saying was a lie.  She was talking about freedom of speech and watched as a 70+ year old man by the name of Ray McGovern was dragged out of the room and beaten.  She never missed a word in her speech.  She represents exactly where we are as a nation; corrupt.

President Obama wants to have another four years in office and the cocktail liberals are lined up to give it to him.  You can hear people like Randy Rhodes, Ed Schultz and Carl Wolfson here in Portland tell you how it is most important that you vote against Romney and for Obama---it is mind boggling.  There are other people of a noble nature who are running.  I just heard that Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan will be running on the Peace and Freedom Party.  I just love the idea of these two strong woman running.  The Justice Party has nominated another progressive by the name of Rocky Anderson who would make you proud to be an American again and not hang your head in shame.  The Greens have nominated Dr. Jill Stein to be their leader and run for the presidency.  You have many choices of good people but you want to vote for a man who has done more damage to our constitutional rights than Cheney/bush ever thought about.  If you vote for Obama you are selling out, if you vote for the Mitt man you may be just crazy and need some professional help.  Vote for honorable people, it will make you feel better.  We have very little time left, if we don’t change we will all perish, end of story.  The next few elections will tell the story of this nation that we all call home; will you finally step up or just go along and watch as we commit mass suicide?

Some say no to voting as a principle of protest, for me that is not worthy of consideration, you’ve got to fight hard to keep this republic, you cannot sit on the fence and wonder why we are so screwed up.  Get into the streets, vote, work for good people and we have them, they are not Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama.     

For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice  http://individualsforjustice.com
Proud member of Oregon Progressive Party,  http://progparty.org/

War is failure, occupation a disgrace!

“Funding these wars is killing our troops”

* Why laughter??  Because without it I would have gone insane years ago.

Sen. ** harry reid must be replaced as Majority Leader, call me when you agree or just go away!

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.
Mohandas Gandhi

Thoreau may have also brooded over the reaction of Emerson, who criticized the imprisonment as pointless. According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, “Henry, what are you doing in there?” Thoreau replied, “Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?”  

Molly Ivins, "It's like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you're wrong."

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth,
           and I am a citizen of the world."
               Eugene V. Debs  

Posted by individuals4justice at 10:23 AM PDT
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Thursday, 2 August 2012
Call To Action - August 3 2012
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: We are in deep, deep shit today!
Topic: Justice
 A call to action
This post was originally on Portland Indymedia here:
We are in deep, deep shit today!
We are in deep, deep shit today!

"We like to think of the drone war as something far away, fought in the deserts of Yemen or the mountains of Afghanistan. But we now know it's closer than we thought. There are 64 drone bases on American soil. That includes 12 locations housing Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be armed."

More on this:

We will protest this on the Hawthorne Bridge at 1st and Madison on the west-side at 3:30 PM on Fridays until we pass some regulations against the use of drones. Obama joking about the use of drones is not funny to the 60 children who have been torn apart by our drone action since he took office.

We will join the Police Protest at 6:00 PM 187th and Stark.

Joe Walsh 8/2/12

PS Both actions are non-violent.

Posted by individuals4justice at 6:30 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 2 August 2012 6:32 PM PDT
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Thursday, 5 July 2012
call to action - Justice for the Homeless of Portland
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: Next Wednesday just before our 5 shits meet and call it a City Council ...
Topic: Justice

A call to action

Let's make some noise
my wonderful colleagues and friends
My wonderful colleagues and friends flags

  Next Wednesday just before our 5 shits meet and call it a City Council will you join me in flying the flags of justice and peace.

I will bring the Vietnam Veterans Flag, will you bring your peace flags to let the City Council know that they our representatives and not the Business Alliance Reps. Cameron has extended his fast past the 30 days and that has me concerned. He has upped the ante and so should we. Will you join me or just stay home and do nothing? Many of you cannot take time off from work but some of you can, join us for one hour of hell raising. Pots and pans, drums, horns and mega phones are the order of the day.

I will go into the Council at 0930 and sit up front with a t-shirt that reads "RESIGN SAM, FISH." If you want me to make a shirt let me know what 4 or 5 words you want on it and I will try to make one up. I do have a few colored ones so let me know. Time to make some noise, want to take a ride on the Justice side? Meet up at 0830 7/11/2012 in front of City Hall.


PS can't come, call the council and tell them to house the people who are on the streets, when they tell you how much they are doing, tell them to do more!!!!


General Information

Phone: (503) 823-4000
City/County Information Center
City Hall @ 1221 SW 4th Avenue Room 110, 97204


TTY: (503) 823-6868

E-mail:  cityinfo@portlandoregon.gov
City/County Information Pocket Phone Directory pdf document 149 KB
Elected Officials

Elected Officials Portfolios and Liaison Responsibilities

Sam Adams, Mayor
Commissioner of Finance and Administration
City Hall @ 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 340, 97204
Phone: (503) 823-4120

E-mail:  mayorsam@portlandoregon.gov

Amanda Fritz
Commissioner of Public Utilities, Position Number 1
City Hall @ 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 220, 97204
Phone: (503) 823-3008
E-mail:  amanda@portlandoregon.gov

Nick Fish
Commissioner of Public Works, Position Number 2
City Hall @ 1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 240, 97204
(503) 823-3589
e-mail:  Nick@portlandoregon.gov

Randy Leonard

Commissioner of Public Safety, Position Number 4
City Hall @ 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 210, 97204
Phone: (503) 823-4682
E-mail:  randy@portlandoregon.gov

Dan Saltzman
Commissioner of Public Affairs, Position Number 3
City Hall @ 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 230, 97204
Phone: (503) 823-4151
E-mail:  dan@portlandoregon.gov

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

Posted by individuals4justice at 12:47 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012
Free The Horses - Portland City Council
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: Retire the Police Horses - Lone Vets Agenda City Hall
Topic: City Hall

On May 16, 2012


This is what I will say before the City Council on Wednesday at about 0930 ~joe walsh

Good morning Mr. Mayor and members of the council: I am once again speaking for Individuals for Justice and the Oregon Progressive Party.

I come today to suggest a simple thing, the retirement of the Police Horses. It has come to our attention that you continue to support the police department efforts to use these wonderful animals in a way that places our citizens and the horses in danger. From videos that are available on the internet, (listed in my written submission) you can see for yourselves that soon there will be a tragedy that could have been stopped here today.

I have given you links to see these videos and take positive action to stop this madness from continuing to happen. We want the police horses, all of them, to be honored with retirement to green pastures and enjoy the rest of their lives.

We suggest this retirement to include working with children or veterans coming home from killing things in far away lands.

The cost to keep these animals working to control crowds or intimidate the "Houseless" is about $585,000 per year. The cost will eventually cause this council or the new members coming in next January to decide to stop this program, our concern is that if and when it does happen there will be little planning on what to do with these dedicated animals and we want lots of time to be spent in deciding where they will go.

Many cities are now in the process of discontinuing these programs and have to make fast decisions on selling the horses and don't care where they are going--to us that would be another tragedy.

This is what Mounted Patrol Unit has on its web site:
1 of 2

These are actual street encounters using the horses as weapons:

 link to www.katu.com

The Charter Commission started to work on the concept of not using animals to control crowds but was shut down before they could finish their good work:

"Should Portland Ban Cops From Using Horses and Pepper Spray to Bust Up Protests?
Both address the tactics police use to break up protests—methods that attained new notoriety amid the recent
Occupy Portland protests." (more)

 link to blogtown.portlandmercury.com

Human beings should not use animals as weapons, that is a worthy goal, to continue this program will ensure that somebody gets hurt.

Posted by individuals4justice at 7:23 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 15 May 2012 7:27 AM PDT
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Friday, 27 April 2012
Individuals For Justice recommends a vote for the following:
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: 2012 Real Candidates for office in Portland Oregon
Topic: City Hall

Real Candidates for office

Vote for people who will represent you on May 15 in Portland

She cries out for justice
She cries out for justice


Individuals For Justice recommends a vote for the following:

Cameron Whitten for Mayor, Community Activist. Individuals For Justice has often called for young and noble people to step up and Cameron is just that, we like the way he thinks and calls for "Unity."

Commissioner #1 Teressa Raiford, We like her position on gun control and she thinks about how to create jobs in Portland. Impressive during the debates she was invited to take part.

Commissioner #4 Mark White. We watched Mark's work on the Charter Commission and know he was concerned about the least among us. He wants to help and has the experiences to do just that-help! Only single candidate to receive the Oregon Progressive Party's nomination.

We looked at the following criteria:

1. Non-career politician, understands that they are representatives of the people and not a know-it-all elitist.

2. Understands that to be a leader one must listen.

3. Will work to re-establish the Charter Commission.

4. Are not bought by the Business Alliance.

5. Equitable treatment of all.

We, IFJ refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. We want candidates that we can believe in and support. These are three noble people who will do their best.

All have not signed on to our criteria but have talked about most of the issues we are concerned with during our evaluation of the candidates.

Dream candidates must include: Dan Meek for Attorney-general. Or, better still, Secretary of State, next election cycle.

How about Joann Bowman Hardesty for Commissioner, next election cycle.

For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

Individuals for Justice  http://individualsforjustice.com

Proud member of Oregon Progressive Party,  http://progparty.org/

War is failure, occupation a disgrace!

"Funding these wars is killing our troops"

* Why laughter?? Because without it I would have gone insane years ago.

Sen. ** harry reid must be replaced as Majority Leader, call me when you agree or just go away!

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.
Mohandas Gandhi

Thoreau may have also brooded over the reaction of Emerson, who criticized the imprisonment as pointless. According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, "Henry, what are you doing in there?" Thoreau replied, "Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?"

Molly Ivins, "It's like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you're wrong."

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth,
and I am a citizen of the world."
Eugene V. Debs

Posted by individuals4justice at 11:57 AM PDT
Updated: Friday, 27 April 2012 11:59 AM PDT
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