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Sunday, 1 June 2014
Individual Rights to Free Speech - Sad Report
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Now Playing: Individuals For Justice attended two government hearings, saddened by both:
Topic: Politics


For immediate release: 6/1/2014
Individuals For Justice attended two government hearings and was saddened by both:
By Joe Walsh-Lone Vet-503-946-8428
Individuals For Justice, Founding Member
Vietnam Veterans Against The War



When I go to the county building on Hawthorne, it is somewhat of a journey by the #4 bus, but I liked going.

On May 29, I entered the building in a good mood and that lasted all about 5 minutes as a friend and disabled man told me that he wanted to play a video during communications and the head clerk refused his request. He wanted to play it last week and was told he would be allowed to play on the 29th of May. The clerk was close enough to hear our conversation and jumped in that he was not told that and you are not allowed to support your 3 minute public testimony with visual aids. That seemed weird to me so I asked the clerk to explain her reasoning and all hell broke loose.

The clerk looked at me and said they had a full calendar and would not allow our disabled friend to use the video equipment that all crony presenters are allowed access. I asked again for clarification and was told, “Joe, sit down or I will call security.” This was not the way I am normally spoken to at County and I said, “What?” I might have let it go, but the Chairperson of the Board, Marissa Madrigal made the announcement that our public communications would be down to two minutes because of the crowded calendar, now this made me decide to change my address to the whole question of the public ability to address government.

It was not a happy presentation and included the two incidents above. There was a third incident concerning where Lightning was sitting and he was told to move when others sat in those seats without any problems. People should feel welcome to offer public testimony but it would seem Marissa may have hung around the 5 sh--s over at city hall too long and some of the sh-t has gotten on her shoes.

The most important part of the meetings at both the city and county is the public testimony, we are given 3 minutes, 90 seconds to tell our story when cronies who these politicians call up, go on forever with their compliments of the politicians. It makes me want to vomit at times, good to have a “Barf Bag” with one during these displays. The rest of the meetings are formulated as the staff has already spent many hours working on an issue before we even get 90 seconds to give our opinion. This is not what our founding fathers had in mind when they created the thing called, THE CONSTITUTION. (Bill of Rights)

Individual rights
“The first Amendment defines American political community, based on individual integrity and voluntary association. Congress cannot interfere with an individual’s religion or speech. It cannot restrict a citizen’s communication with others to form community by worship, publishing, gathering together or petitioning the government.”
I could go on and on, but why bother; all politicians are sh--s, some more than others, but sh--s never the less. Back at city hall we have lots of fun poking at char-lie the hales and the other guy named* steve novick, also known as Brutus.

On Thursday there was a five hour presentation concerning the tax----oops sorry, the fee that our challenged mayor and his new buddy Brutus are going to force on the citizens of Portland. They are going to raise about 700 million over ten years, by passing a requirement that we all pay for the repair of the streets and roads. You will not get a vote on this because THEY will vote on it this coming Wednesday, it will be a second reading so no discussion on it and it will go into effect by a 1 vote margin, something like 3-2; a majority.

Not sure if Fish and Saltzman will even be there for the vote or they may want to be on record voting no. The game is rigged and Amanda will once again sell us out unless she has an Ebenezer Scrooge moment. This exercise is the perfect visual for what I have been talking about, the presentations were good and some excellent, fritz says she received hundreds of e-mails about this issue. She will vote yes not because it is a good thing to do, or her constituents want her to vote yes, but because she cut a deal about her parks; she needs money. This is a major reason I have given up trying to convince them of anything, it is a waste of time. Amanda is the best of the 5 but that is not saying very much, she also will sell you out in a “New York Minute.”

One of the more comical conversations that took place was after I had limped out of the sulfur filled chamber. It was between Nero, AKA cha-lie and the fish; fish won. Nero said, vote now and we can make changes later.

Even Nick Fish looked stunned by this announcement. This, friend, is the most corrupt group of gangsters I have ever had the bad luck to come up against. Not sure I will be there for the vote; I just can’t stand it anymore.

Julius Caesar was murdered by Brutus and thus set off events in Rome that was the beginning of the end of their republic. This is a sad event in our history. “Et Tu Brute!”

PS I do send copies of this to all the County Elected Officials and invite any of them to respond to the question of visual aids?-----City Hall we need more holy water!
*Will not cap due to disrespect/disgust


-Lone Vet 6/1/14 18:54:12

Posted by individuals4justice at 6:49 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 1 June 2014 7:06 PM PDT
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