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Thursday, 31 October 2013
Can Good People Be Hypocrites?
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Topic: City Hall
Can Good People Be Hypocrites?



By: The Lone Vet
I was walking around trying to figure out where everyone was, when from across 4th Avenue I saw the man, the chief of police, the one and only Mike Reese. The thought came easily, just follow the chief and he will lead you to the gathering of people who wanted to spend 1.7 million bucks on helping the people who had camped outside city hall for about two years. I followed him but he said he was late and left me at the elevators, sometimes I get the feeling he does not like me very much. After checking with the mayor’s office I found myself in the council chambers and there in real life was Commissioner Dan Saltzman with about 15-20 suits sitting around the table in a square. I tried not to laugh.

As I was putting down my stuff, coat, cane, and oxygen carrying backpack, I looked around and the homeless were in the peanut-gallery and the suits took up all the seats at the table. I was not amused; I thought they were actually going to do something this time around. We spend 10s of millions of dollars on the homeless and we have more people on the streets than when we started; why is that mr. mayor?

I yelled out to Commissioner Saltzman, “Why are there no homeless at this table?” They ignored me, so I yelled as loud as my lungs would allow, “Where are the people that know about being homeless?” The comish in a very stern voice said, “I am running this meeting.” My reply was that I did not want to run it because it was a fraud. We have done this crap hundreds of times and keep wanting the outcome to be different, it never will. The people around the table actually think that they know about homelessness, they don’t. The only people at the table who might know something about being cold and alone would be Marc Jolin from Join or Israel Bayer from Street Roots, but I was sad seeing them in this group of, “Let’s play house.” I did not interrupt any more, but they did know I was pissed for whatever that was worth. The meeting lasted about 90 minutes and all departed in good cheer to feel like they are trying to do something about the poor people who are on the streets. Why, even Chief Reese made the statement that seeing a child on the streets, hungry and cold is heart breaking.” First Chief, you got to have a heart in order for it to break, you and the dick Cheney do not qualify. As they left not one stopped to talk to any of the people who were homeless outside of City Hall, not one! They scurried away not to be contaminated by this thing called homeless. I don’t like these creeps, guess you get that feeling by now. Two people I cannot stand, one, a thief, (who steals from the poor) and the other a hypocrite; both were here this evening. They will waste this 1.7 million because that is what they do, one member of this panel is Nick Christensen. You say you don’t know Nicky? He represents the now famous Lents Neighborhood Asses who had Oregon Department of Transportation, (ODOT) deliver large sharp-edged boulders to a place where people were resting; they wanted the homeless to move on, the homeless did; Fancy That. We should get his ass off this committee and replace him with Jose. We have Chief Reese on this committee, let’s get him off and replace him with Lightning. Deborah Kafoury is now a candidate and should not be on this committee, we like her and would not lose any sleep if she stayed, but we need replacement slots. She could be replaced by Tequila or Joel, or any of the other two to five thousand people we find on our streets. Point is you must have people who can tell you what it is like when you are cold, and it is raining and a cop tells you to get your stuff and move now! This panel is a sham and our tax money will once again be wasted. Bye-bye!

On Wednesday we were back in the City Council Meeting and my t-shirt said “Danny Wants To Be In Charge” on the back, “Screw Up Coming.” Not sure if Saltzman read it, he is not talking to me. Dan Handelman from Cop Watch was there and we both signed up to offer our advice to the 5 shi-s about reappointing 10 members to the Independent Police/review/cover up Board. I was not sure what Dan would say, but for me they should not just rubber stamp these appointments and to do 10 at once, may be part of the reason the Dept. of Justice thinks that our police depart is so screwed up. Well, Dan was logical, I was pissed and we both once again got shot down. Comm. Novick seemed particularly annoyed with me this day and did go after me. He suggested in his smug way that I compile a list of all the people from Cop Watch, ACLU, Lawyers Guild, or any other organization that has been rejected. I answered him by saying, “What are you talking about, my advice/suggestion is for you to get off your ass and recruit new blood for these committees.” I really am getting to not trust this opportunist.

Thursday morning for me is always a fun day, I go and monitor the County Meeting and get to see people I know, usually sneak in a mocha, (don’t tell Patty) and enjoy the morning. The Sheriff was there with a request to get more money for overtime; it was a sham, but what the hell, the damn budget is so complicated no one in the room could understand the big picture. I did offer my 3 minutes of wisdom and restricted it to Fred and his son Keaton and a limited report about what happened at the gathering of hypocrites. (See above.) There was going to be some discussion about the coming cold and the homeless, I could not stay for that as I was not feeling 100%. Tomorrow we will return to the Hawthorne Bridge and hold our weekly protest about wars and peace, hot local issues, and this week the NSA looking at you baby. The Obama administration has been such a disappointment we may have gone backwards instead of moving forward. I pray that I am wrong, but almost can hear the answer.

Keep fighting, it is better to fight and fail than to watch and wonder what the hell happened.

Posted by individuals4justice at 6:51 PM PDT
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