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Saturday, 12 October 2013
Lone Vet Report Back on October 10 2013
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: There are times that make me smile, that happened during Monday the 7th of October
Topic: ACTIONS !

 {Report was copied from Facebook}

Joseph Walsh-Lone Vet

There are times that make me smile, that happened during Monday the 7th of October when we were at City Hall about 0745 with a big sign saying, “Nick Fish got to go” and I was wearing a shirt with a picture of Comm. Fish sucking milk from the corporations. I was having fun when I saw “The Fishman” and he was coming straight at me. He walked up to me, said good morning and put his hand out, we shook hands and we both smiled. I wondered what he was thinking as he went into the building---it was very strange.
The next day, Tuesday, was taken up by going to the County building for a protest against the policy or lack of a policy of the sheriff’s department concerning holds put on prisoners by the county cops. There are about 350+ inmates who have ICE holds on them and only about 10% are or have been released. The County Commissioners thought that the sheriff was going to alleviate some of the over-crowding in our jail system—Nope!
Wednesday morning it was back to see the 3 S---s. I used to call city council members the 5 S---s but two of them have been taken off the list for good behavior and/or actions. The City Council is getting harder to speak during communications due to the number of people who want to tell the city something. I was not signed up officially but there were a few items I wanted to say something about. I ended up speaking on three different items and was doing ok until the last one and man did I hit an open nerve with Fish, Novick and even the Mayor having a go at me. It had to do with a mobile home that was up at the Butte. The city had to move it and get rid of it; Fish wanted to just sell it off and Individuals For Justice recommended they try to utilize it during the R2D2 move, maybe put it under the Broadway Bridge for use by the people who may live there someday. My suggestion fell on deaf ears; one of the things I have become aware of during my monitoring of the city council hearings is that our perception of reality is very different. I don’t mean a little, I mean a lot. I still think they do something to their brains and souls when they take the oath of office or they secretly drink water with fluoride in it and their ability to deal with reality is diminished. They went off on tangents about the PUD for god sakes; they compared the criticism of building a million dollar house and now putting it on the market for around $400,000 and taking a $600,000 loss to saving a $13,000 mobile home and use it for the houseless? My mind just can’t make this stuff up. The thing I notice the most, their anger at the idea of losing the water department. Hey, guys---I am not the power behind this move, I may support it, but I am not the instigator for this project.
Thursday would be more fun, the county is always more pleasant than the city, the commissioners there know how to treat an old guy who may be a pain, but is worried about our country. Thursday was good. Lightning and I monitor the Board almost every week now and we have been joined by Charlie Johnson and that is a compliment to both of us. Lightning and I do not always agree on everything and that is interesting during the meetings, so far we have kept our friendship intact and I hope that continues. Well, we have our Friday on the Bridge Day tomorrow and Saturday we have two events we want to attend, one a celebration of R2D2 two years of existence, 12-5 PM and the other, The Fred Otis memorial for his son who was shot down by the Portland PD.

Fred is in the hospital and has asked his family and friends to do the vigil and we will. It is on 6th and Glison at 6:00 PM.
So, many things to do and we are busier than ever, feel free to join us on our journey to do good. I have a new shirt that I wore to the County Board meeting, “My Country is the World and,( on the back) My Religion is to do good” Thomas Paine. He is my favorite of the founding fathers, always honest and did not change with the blowing of the winds. That’s all folks!
See ya in the streets---soon I hope.
PS Did you see where 6 Congressional Representatives gave up some of their liberty so we could have more. Wow! That will keep me going for another month or so!

Posted by individuals4justice at 11:59 PM PDT
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