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Friday, 4 October 2013
There are times I am argumentative, arrogant,
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Topic: Justice
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[copied from Facebook]

There are times I am argumentative, arrogant, and really angry, October 1 was one of those times. I did spend some time on the #4 bus trying to relax because I knew I was going to a meeting of the evil empire, something called “Civilized and Safe.” The directions to this gathering of the evil ones, said it was going to be held at PSU Student Union Hall; that was just sad to me. I was not sure what the hell this was about but knew it was not something that I would support. I went and wore one of my t-shirts that said on the front “56 humans died on our streets in 2012” on the back a picture of a cemetery and the question, “How many must die before you notice.” I arrived and went to the front of the room because I like my evil in front of me at all times. I looked at the panel and hoped I was wrong. In the back of the room there was some noticeable movement and I recognized Commissioner Kafoury from the County, I was sad she was there, why? I went up to get some coffee and recognized some people but they were not friendlies, they were people who I no longer trust, or just dislike. I thought, “This is hostile territory,” and it was. The program began. I was also tired as this was the second event I attended on that Tuesday, the first being a wonderful debate on the pros and cons of the coming initiative about taking the Water Department and BES away from the city council. (More on this later.)
The opening remarks were what I feared; they were antidotal, stories of bad behavior by the people on the street. The cop, Robert Day, who told his story about being at City Hall and one of the homeless lit up a crack pipe! I thought, “My god, a crack pipe, that is just bad manners. He went on to indict the subject of his story and of course implied that all people who live on the street light up crack pipes. That is the problem with generalizations; they make all people involved who are forced onto the streets, but never saying it. I was angry with this presentation and wanted to leave but I wanted to be around when the questions were allowed from the audience; I had much to say to these people who call themselves human and are not.
Here is some of policeman Robert Day, what a piece of work this guy is:
Marvin Mitchell, Julia West House was just as bad, his claim to fame was to tell a story about how he, almost without support from his staff, got those street people to stop using bad language and they were sleeping in the recreation room---my god have they no shame? I was more depressed than angry with this person, he was supposed to help and he was using his authority to pound a very vulnerable section of our society into his image/ shape or they were told to leave. What a guy!

Marvin did come up to me and tell me that the 56 humans who had died alone on the streets of Portland in 2012 died because they did not want to come inside. I went ballistic, told him to get away from me and stop talking as he was a defective human being and I did not want to spend any time with him, ever! He did not know what to do, he left and the blond lady who seemed to be in charge came up to me and that did not go well either; she was another monster, I felt like a Grimm.
She said something about her feelings being hurt because somewhere in my rant at the people on the stage I told them they were all insane. She wanted me to apologize and I told her she was insane, she was running a con on the people and blaming everything on the people who were forced onto the streets and that pissed me off to no end. She threatened to have me removed and I said, “Go ahead, have me thrown out that should be a good show for your guests.” She went away, and other women in the back of the room told me I was too loud, Ha! I was sad to see the mayor, Commissioner Fritz and Commissioner Kafoury were there, I went to challenge this group, not sure why the leading politicians were there. When I did ask a staffer why his boss was there the answer was they wanted to listen to what this group had to say; made me sad. I walked from PSU back down to city hall to cool off and think about what just happened, I was glad that I challenged this evil group but I was exhausted and looked forward to the ride home and some rest.
I had trouble sleeping but needed to get up at 0600 to go to the city council meeting the next day. I was very tired when I went in and Commissioner Fritz looked worn out also; the meeting would perk me up a bit and Commissioner Novick did something that startled me. He took on Wal-Mart. This is going to be interesting, this company does not like people to take them on and for an official to do it, and well we will watch this one. Commissioner Novick with support from Amanda and some of the rest actually named Wal-Mart as a company the city should not invest in, big fight coming on this one for sure. Went to the County meeting and gave my 3 minutes of testimony and talked about the event on Monday night and how sad I was that 3 politicians were there. Commissioner Kafoury came down to talk to me and let me know her and her staff left in the middle and could not stand what this group was saying, that was impressive. I accepted her explanation of why she was there. I was off for the 2:00 PM hearing on R2D2 by the city.

There seems to be a preliminary agreement between R2D2 and the city to allow the people to leave Chinatown and move under the Broadway Bridge. During the discussion I felt like I was watching an old movie about Moses and the movement of the Israelites out of Egypt. The Pearl sent their lawyers and their builders, reminded me of Edward G. Robinson character in the movie, a very sleazy kind of guy who causes all kinds of problem for the people. The testimony of R2D2 was wonderful, telling, and full of pleas for help for the first time in two years. The decision to grant the program the ok was put off, but I think this is going to happen in a few weeks. R2D2 wants this and we fully support their wishes, they have earned our support and we stand with them and all people who want a safe place to put their head down. I was, and said so publicly, proud to support the city council on this issue. The people of the Pearl need to rethink their values or they will all just dry up and blow away in the dust of corruption. There is another meeting with the city today, Friday, 10/4/2013 at 2:00 PM and we are not invited.

Today, there will be a historic meeting that Individuals For Justice has pushed for years, a meeting between the homeless/housless and the city officials and/or senior staff to try to figure out how to resolve people being forced to sleep on the street. We are happy about not being invited because we feel it is important to talk to the people who are suffering, not professionals or activists, but real people who just want a safe place to be. Our hopes are high for this meeting and will be present after the meeting to lend any support we can. So, things are-a-happening and I am tired but smiling at the possibilities; we are hoping for the best, but do realize these are tough issues and the fact the city seems to be trying is wonderful. I am saying so many nice things about politicians lately, it makes me nervous.
Stay safe and we will see ya in the streets. Oh, I forgot!
Dear Mr. Policeman,
If you beat or mace a human or an animal know that there is a special place in hell, very deep into the pit that is reserved for you. You may think you are getting away with something, but you are not. Fear your God and know that someday she will ask you why you acted so badly to the least among us when she said, in so many ways, “Treat the poor with love and I will love you; fu-k with them and I will fu-k with You!” “I am the Lord thy God and I have a temper.” book 1 c 1


Posted by individuals4justice at 11:37 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, 4 October 2013 11:47 PM PDT
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