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Individuals For Justice Blog
Saturday, 10 August 2013
report from this old vet
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Topic: City Hall

August 8, 2013

This was a busy week with the politicians, we attended a Policy Board for Oregon Health on August 6th to blast them about not granting the variance the city and Commissioner Novick had requested. This was a long meeting, about 3 hrs. of process, I knew I was at the wrong station. This group had nothing to do with the covering of the reservoirs. They were dealing with things like, "Coordinated Care Model Alignment workgroup" but what the hell since I was there, and spent a few hours listening to them why not move to plan "B." Near the end about 3:45 they had public testimony and I talked about the homeless, the deaths on our streets and the lack of programs that would help the most vulnerable among us. They wanted to talk process, I talked about real life. It was good, and by the expressions on the doctor's faces they are not used to being told things, they are used to telling each other how wonderful they are and how wonderful it was going to be someday! These are good people but we need much more action and less process. After that I went over to the remembering of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was a wonderful way to say that war is so wrong, there were dancers and the drum musicians made us all smile. There were speeches and people telling their stories about living on this place called earth. This is an event we go to every year at the Japanese Memorial, many of the best people in Portland attended; VFP-72 allowed me to hold one of their flags, it was a great honor. We wanted to go to the social after the ceremonies but I was going to get up early to attend the City Council meeting on Wednesday morning. I departed sad but glad I went to honor those souls who were killed in an instant, but their memory will haunt us into eternity.

Wednesday, Individuals For Justice did testify on an issue that we were pleased that was restored to the budget. There is a special task force that works to get under age women off the streets and into some type of program and get them away from pimps and other shits who are benefiting by the kids working on the streets. Commissioner Fritz has worked on this issue and fought to get funding replaced that the mayor cut. Not all of the money was restored but a lot of it was, that is good. We hope and will push for the full amount of money to be restored. We left early because I was very tired and needed some rest. Thursday morning was "Jeff Cogen Count- Down Day."
Thursday morning once again I got up early, and headed to let the County Board Chair Jeff (the sleaze) Cogen know he should resign. We met, but the board didn't; no reason given. We knew something was wrong when we walked in and the room where the meeting was to be held was dark. We found out from the security guard that the meeting was cancelled. Here I had my t-shirt on that said, "RESIGN WITH HONOR" on the back "REMAIN IN SHAME."

I had my day count----DAY 21. But no Cogen the sleaze, the room was dark. In a strange way I guess it was fitting; the dark room.

Today we will be back on the Hawthorne Bridge, Westside at 1st and Madison. We will have signs talking about the covering of the reservoirs and the rate increases etc. We should be there about 4:00 PM until about 5:15 PM, this wimp wears out fast on the bridge, but we make some noise and try to have fun. All are welcome and the only rule is be proud of what you put on your sign; no other rules. If you get a chance stop and say hello to a person who is living on the street, they are having a tough time and could use some cheer; just say Hi. That's all folks----

"If you are not pissed now---when?"

Posted by individuals4justice at 11:49 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 15 September 2013 10:18 PM PDT
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