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Individuals For Justice Blog
Friday, 22 March 2013
City Council Report Back: Spending Time With The 5 Shi-s
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Topic: City Hall

Spending Time With The 5 Shi-s


March 20, 2013, 4:03 PM

I attended the council meeting yesterday March 20,2013 and sure enough there was a guy there telling the council how wonderful it will be when we fluoridate our wonderful drinking water. He said that the difference between Portland tooth decay is 40% higher than Seattle's---Today! Right now! This very moment. I knew this was a lie, so once again I had to dig up the real figures and send them to the 5 shi-s who sat there looking like groupies eating up every BS thing he said. Here is some of what I found:


There are some good graphs showing the difference among many nations, remember that most of the western world will not touch this crap, they have resisted big US of A pressure to add Hydrofluosilicic Acid to their drinking water. He went on to say how this is the best thing for kids---I get a little angry when the lobbyists do this, because it is a lie. He did not mention that 40 % of kids are now showing signs of fluorosis, guess he forgot that part.


So what about his claim of Portland vs. Seattle and the question of cavities. He lied.

All of Oregon 44% (see page 12)

Portland does much better than the rest of Oregon, this is a trick that the lobbyists use all the time. The use the higher figure of Oregon vs. Seattle. Makes their case seem more credible, this from a study that recommends using fluoride, not one of ours.



Again these figures are from an agency that recommends using fluoridated water.


When representatives tell lies, it does not further what we should be doing about cavities and the problems with ingesting fluorides or Hydrofluosilicic Acid or whatever you want to label it. There are two important concerns one what to do about kids having too many cavities and second, what to do about the dangers associated with putting this stuff in our drinking water. Neither should be ignored.
There was a positive thing that happened, the council was dealing with fees that citizens pay to do remodeling and a number of people testified that the fees were higher than other cities and should be lower. Staff gave a good report but if you ask staff what they recommend they will offer you the best item. This sounds reasonable but if the cost is too high you force people to ignore the program and do the fixing up without proper permits. The council listened and is going to take another look at the issue. This is a problem that I find in most of the things the council does, so I was happy they decided to take another look at the issue. Sometimes I get the feeling they are trying and that makes me smile.

There were speakers from R2DToo concerned that the council continues to fine their safe place to rest. I just do not understand the council on this and wonder why Steve and Amanda are not leading the charge to fix this problem. I will write to them and ask, and will let you know what, if anything, they say. This is one issue that just makes me weep for our city, 60-80 people are not asking for a handout, they want and deserve a safe place to sleep and try to take advantage of the programs downtown. Seems so simple to me----why?


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Posted by individuals4justice at 6:58 AM PDT
Updated: Friday, 22 March 2013 7:03 AM PDT
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