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Individuals For Justice Blog
Tuesday, 27 November 2012
Class no Class - The Lone Vet Report
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Now Playing: The Ruling Class Without Any Class. November 27 2012 in PDX
Topic: City Hall

The Ruling Class Without Any Class.

By The Lone Vet,

From sea to sea, from city councils to the President of these United States, the ruling class has one thing in common; disrespect for the voting public.  When we take the time to attend council meetings and give our opinions we are limited to giving 3, and sometimes 2, minutes of opinions.  We are told that we can write up something and also offer that in place of or with our citizen’s input.  The body of representatives will then vote on the issue and most times it is against what the attendees have asked for.  Portland City Council spent hours listening to organizations representing legal and community groups and many individuals who told their horror stories during the hearing that asked the question should Portland rejoin the *JTTF.  Most, maybe 90% of the testimony said do not rejoin, yet the council voted unanimously to rejoin the feds. 

We have a constitutional lawyer as president, and he violates the Bill of Rights at will.  He has announced that he can arrest anyone, at anytime, without charges and without trial.  He has announced that he can kill anyone, anywhere in the world including American citizens at his will.  Congress might want to hold hearings on this but is too busy in the war against women.  The ruling class tells you to go to hell everyday and you say---OK!

Now we have a president who has been re-elected and the biggest deal in DC is the “Fiscal Cliff” we are about to go off.  Ha! What a bunch of BS!  This was set up by the congress because they did not have the brains to work out a system of taxation during the bush Administration.  They did what they always do and kicked any decision down the road.  You will see it happen again as this bunch of creeps kick the decision until after the new Congress is in place next January.  The ruling class is busy working on cutting programs for the poor and what is left of the middle class.  Millionaires and their friends, billionaires have said no to raising any taxes on them.  Unions, once a voice of reason for the middle class, have now been reduced to whining.  It is shameful to watch union leaders talk just like the owners of the company or leaders of the city.  We, on the other hand, have our heads in the sand and just want to get the bargains at Walmart.  Even the groups who are the usual suspects fighting for equality are in a trance, called “Obama Stupor.”  So what do we do from here?

For all you faith based people, pray---we need help from any god.  For all you democrats who have sold your souls to the party of murder, pray, there is a price to be paid and you might not have enough capital.  For all you crazy republicans just go away, don’t care where, just go, there is no hope for you.  For all you occupiers, wait for the system to collapse, and rebuild it from scratch.  Protests may be effective if there are good people in power, we have none----so just wait for the collapse, it is coming soon. (I write this acknowledging I have been in many protests and will continue to try.) 

There is not one political person whom I trust, none!  Even Bernie Sanders is corrupt, he is just less corrupt than the others.  Ever hear Sanders criticize Israel?  He will only do it when also telling us how bad the Palestinians are when they rebel against occupation. 


There are lesser of evils in the congress, the members seem to go from the crazy like congresswoman Bachmann to someone I kind of like, DeFazio.  They all have their price, just some are cheaper than the others.  If you put your values in any politician, stand by to be disappointed.  Is all lost, yes!  We need to rebuild from scratch, and no one I know will accept this picture of the future.  Would it not be wonderful to be wrong.

* Joint Terrorist Task Force  


Picture was during a controversial hearing in Portland

For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice  http://individualsforjustice.com
Proud member of Oregon Progressive Party,  http://progparty.org/

Posted by individuals4justice at 6:17 PM PST
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