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Monday, 27 February 2012
Come Meet The Bug Judge From The 9th
Mood:  party time!
Now Playing: The man who justified torture of prisoners. Monday March 5 at 0800
Topic: ACTIONS !

Come Meet The Bug Judge From The 9th

Monday March 5 at 0800

The man who justified torture of prisoners.




come and tell the judge he is a mass murder
come and tell the judge he is a mass murder

Judge **j. bybee of the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is coming to Portland, Oregon.

Judge ** bybee will be here to hear cases at the Pioneer Court House during the week of March 5th and ending Friday March 9th. This person, in my opinion, is a mass murderer and should be told to his face he is like a skunk, nice to look at but causes one to vomit. This is **bush's judge who wrote or approved the justification for the torture of prisoners in foreign lands including Iraq and other Middle East countries. He is a scoundrel of the first order, a man who belongs in prison, not sitting on one of my favorite courts. We must welcome him to our city with a protest to let him know this veteran and you despises everything he stands for, and does not want him here to smell up our city. Will you join us in front of the 9th Circuit to welcome him on Monday March 5 at 0800 and every day he is in Portland? Many, many soldiers were killed because of what he and professor **yoo justified in the treatment of prisoners who were in our custody. Have you heard of Abu Ghrib--he is the man that said it was ok to beat, torture prisoners with water-boarding, hanging them up with chains, putting humans in closed boxes and inserting bugs, mocking them with nudity, etc. He was appointed to the 9th Circuit as a reward from **bush for justifying the terrible treatment of Iraqi prisoners and anyone else.

Charges against this war criminal are:

From World Can't Wait

The man who justified torture of prisoners.

Ninth Circuit Judge Jay "Bugs" Bybee continues to hear
immigration cases despite charges of incompetency
You may recall the judgeʼs nickname - this is the same legal
counselor who authorized placement of a prisoner in a closed
box with live insects as one of some dozen interrogation
methods employed by the Bush administration at CIA prison
camps that amounted to torture. But chilling as contents of his
2002 memos were, Bugsʼ role in crafting the U.S. torture
program has been largely ignored:
Bybee is generally the forgotten man in torture studies of the
Bush era. The best known of the legal architects of the torture
regime is John Yoo, who was a deputy to Bybee. For better or
worse, Yoo has been a vocal defender of the various torture
policies, and he remains outspoken on these issues. But
whatever happened to his boss? Today, Bybee is a judge of the
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He was
confirmed by the Senate on March 13, 2003--some time before
any of the "torture memos" became public. He has never
answered questions about them, has never had to defend his
conduct, has never endured anywhere near the amount of
public scrutiny (and abuse) as Yoo. It is an understatement to
say that he has kept a low profile since becoming a judge. Itʼs a
lesson in the vagaries of politics, and timing, that Bybee could
slip through the cracks of this story so easily. - Jeffrey Toobin,
New Yorker magazine
Last year the New York Times called on Congress to impeach
Jay Bybee over his role in authorizing the "torture memos",
writing "these memos make it clear that Mr. Bybee is unfit for a
job that requires legal judgment and a respect for the
Jay Bybee, the former head of the Office of Legal Counsel,
justified and authorized clear acts of torture by the CIA during
the Bush Era. Bybee was confirmed as a federal judge to the
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in March 2003, well before his
now infamous torture memos came to light. A lifetime
appointment, he sits in a deciding position on the bench when
there is clear evidence that his judgment is tainted.
More recently, judge Bybeeʼs contributions to the legal
framework underpinning Arizonaʼs draconian immigration bill SB
1070 have come to light. Considering the disrepute those
interpretations have occasioned with Bybeeʼs legal peers, one
has to wonder why the hell he has not recused himself from the
cases he presides on in the courthouse in front of you today.
In a document, written in 2002 by the Justice Department's
Office of Legal Counsel, Bybee concluded that state police
officers have "inherent power" to arrest undocumented
immigrants for violating federal law. The author of the Arizona
law has cited this authority granted in the 2002 memo as a basis
for the legislation. While the bill has been condemned by
President Obama and received intense opposition from civil
rights groups, Bybeeʼs memo complicates challenge of the
hated Arizona immigration law.
ACLU's Cecillia Wang calls for the Obama Justice Department
to withdraw the 2002 memo, which she finds legally incorrect,
saying "The fact that this memo is lurking out there gives cover
and comfort to people in Arizona and other states who want to
pass these overbroad and extraordinary anti-immigration
measures." What really has to happen is to have the author of
these cruel and illegal opinions removed from the bench.


For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
**No caps do to disrespect/or disgust.
Individuals for Justice http://individualsforjustice.com
Proud member of Oregon Progressive Party, http://progparty.org/

War is failure, occupation a disgrace!

"Funding these wars is killing our troops"

* Why laughter?? Because without it I would have gone insane years ago.

Sen. ** harry reid must be replaced as Majority Leader, call me when you agree or just go away!

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.
Mohandas Gandhi

Thoreau may have also brooded over the reaction of Emerson, who criticized the imprisonment as pointless. According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, "Henry, what are you doing in there?" Thoreau replied, "Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?"

Molly Ivins, "It's like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you're wrong."

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth,
and I am a citizen of the world."
Eugene V. Debs




Posted by individuals4justice at 1:40 AM PST
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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 - 2:48 AM PST

Name: "Arrest Bush - Impeach Bybee"
Home Page: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id134.html



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