Father Walsh addresses the demons within City Hall.

Joseph Walsh-Lone Vet "Charlie, you are going to burn in the eternal fires of hell for stealing blankets from the poor and houseless vets." ---------------------------------------------------------





Individuals For Justice will return to Chapman to share hot chocolate and stuff we pick up along our journey to keep as many warm as possible. We will be there about 2:00 PM on Friday to present warm clothes, hand warmers, hats, gloves, warm shirts, coats, and other things to go to noble people who will keep them company. We are a small group but insist that we have fun during our task to help others and make our lives enjoyable. See ya there, maybe we will have some hot/chocolate as we tell our stories of life and about the people we love.



Jose Serrica and Individuals for Justice are doing the following:



1. Chapman---each Friday at 2:00 PM



2. Contacting houseless and making sure they have what we have.



3. Suspended Coffee at a coffee shop where people on the street can get a hot coffee, we pay in advance. This program will end on the 31st of March due to lack of funds



4. Fight with the damn politicians to get them to move in a positive direction and stop telling us how wonderful they are.








Sharon and Nicholas



For me, this is the most interesting thing that has happened this year in local politics, and we must stand with these two noble people. Sharon and Nicholas are people who should be on our city council. Will you get off you asses, register, work on their campaigns and financially support them---Individuals For Justice will--starting now!

Here's the scene from the press conference.

Afterward we sauntered over to the Sentinel Hotel to let the dignitaries coming from Hales' State of the City event know that we want a $15 living wage!

Thanks to Sharon Maxwell for Portland for joining us and giving a fiery speech!




                                                                                                                                             Photo credit: Occupy PDX Media











NOTE:    Suspended Coffee at a coffee shop where people on the street can get a hot coffee, we pay in advance.  This program will end on the 31st of March 2014 due to lack of funds    (Lone Vet)



















Sunday, 15 September 2013






Coffee Codes and Donations for Hot Cups of Joe  












Bento Coffee & Cookie, 431 SW Madison




















A person will go in and ask for a “code word” coffee and the owner or clerk will give him/her one and not charge them because it is prepaid.  Our account has money in it for this very reason, the people who are living on the street have a backup so they always have coffee available to them. 












The problem is that we are running out of money and that is where you come in, I am asking you to help in the following way.  When you are downtown, stop at Bento Coffee & Cookie, 431 SW Madison and put some loot on the account.  It is located across from city hall next to the day care in the Portland Building. 










Ask the owner to credit the account and that way more people can use our “Coffee Friendship.” 






Roberto and I have been doing this and other things for a time now, but our loot is getting low so I thought you might want to help.  Please do not send me any money, you must do this on your own or not.  We will keep it going because it is a neat idea and the people who are "houseless" like it.  The name of the account is under my first name, Joe. 


























































































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