There are three people standing outside of City Hall, one an Activist and he/she has a loud bullhorn in their hand so better for the mayor to hear what is said outside his office window. The volume is turned way up, and all in the area can hear, "Come out, come out little piggy or we will blow you house down!" The second person standing on Fourth Avenue waiting to be invited inside is the Advocate.

The Advocate is a gentle person who will go through the required staffer to arrange a meeting, they see themselves as representing those with little influence in politics; they are good and noble people. They create organizations, nonprofits to try to balance the state of power whether it is local or national, they get along.


There is the third person who will not stand but sit in the automobile waiting for that lunch date and that is the diplomat. They will often run interference between the first two and the political figure hiding in the fortress be it the Bastille or just any city hall. One of the great problems when dealing with politicians is we do not know who we are, there are some activists who will never ask anything from a politician, they demand or will confront the person and embarrass them to no end. Good example of effective activists was the Gay Rights organization of the 70s called "Act Up." Currently, we have a group of women who call themselves "Code Pink." Both groups will interrupt a press conference, stop a presentation by a Secretary of State, and embarrass the hell out of some politician who is saying nothing but is taking a long time saying it. I make no bones about it; these noble people are my favorite type of organizers. I consider myself in this group; but we need all three.
Here is what Code Pink looks like working:

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Dear Commissioner Fritz, 7/3/2014




This is a request that your Parks Department/Bureau take care of a problem that has apparently been going on for some time. I was in Chapman Park yesterday, July 2, 2014, I had to use the restroom and found that the men’s room did not have a door on it. This was disturbing to me and I want this taken care of immediately. I was made aware of a message your managers sent out to Joe-Anybody and that was outrageous.

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In front of the Mexican Consulate in Portland Oregon  

June 27 4:00  


This  ACTION    is  on  Friday


1305 SW 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97201

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“Let’s make a buck off the backs of the Disabled.”




This is what I will say tomorrow to the City Council, 5/14/2014








For the record, my name is Joe Walsh and I represent, Individuals for Justice. I come before you today to speak of corruption, not the normal kind but a more sinister kind of dishonesty and that being the lack of transparency by this body. Last week, we had a very short discussion concerning an ordinance that you will vote on today called the “Revised Disabled Person Parking Code” or as we call it, “Let’s make a buck off the backs of the Disabled.” This ordinance has nothing to do with fairness, nothing to do with resolving a problem, and it has everything to do with greed. Greed is never a good thing, it makes your eyes squint, your teeth rot and your soul wander for eternity. To make money off people who are walking with difficulty, people using walkers to get around, the blind, those like me on oxygen must be the lowest one can descend; it is a shame. We come not to plead before you as we know that is a waste of our time, we come today to offer you alternatives to your limited ability to do good.







After only ten minutes during one of our meetings we came up with a number of alternatives to this money producing action.
1. From Mr. Lightning, Grandfather in all disabled permits and tighten up rules for parking on new people requesting disabled permits.
2. From another member, enforce existing laws, if a person is misusing their disabled permit, take legal action against that person.
3. Use all of the new money generated to repair sidewalks and other city repairs that directly relate to the disabled.
4. Use warnings notices for a period of one year.    (read this full post on the BLOG page] 























Father Walsh addresses the demons within City Hall.    [May 2014]

Joseph Walsh-Lone Vet "Charlie, you are going to burn in the eternal fires of hell for stealing blankets from the poor and houseless vets." 






Individuals For Justice will return to Chapman to share hot chocolate and stuff we pick up along our journey to keep as many warm as possible. We will be there about 2:00 PM on Friday to present warm clothes, hand warmers, hats, gloves, warm shirts, coats, and other things to go to noble people who will keep them company. We are a small group but insist that we have fun during our task to help others and make our lives enjoyable. See ya there, maybe we will have some hot/chocolate as we tell our stories of life and about the people we love.



Jose Serrica and Individuals for Justice are doing the following:



1. Chapman---each Friday at 2:00 PM



2. Contacting houseless and making sure they have what we have.



3. Suspended Coffee at a coffee shop where people on the street can get a hot coffee, we pay in advance. This program will end on the 31st of March due to lack of funds



4. Fight with the damn politicians to get them to move in a positive direction and stop telling us how wonderful they are.













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